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Hobbies Are Expensive (Fine by Me, Like I Care)

Expensive Hobbies I Can’t Afford But Wouldn’t Do Even if I Could

• Skiing (cold, gear, physical exertion)
• Snowboarding (same)
• Snorkeling (sharks)
• Scuba diving (sharks, the bends)
• Spelunking (just no)
• Sailing (seems complicated)
• Rock climbing (too much work, heights)
• Golfing (patience, walking)
• Scrapbooking (not a 40-year-old housewife)
• Cycling (sweat, machinery, carrying bikes up and down stairs)
• Horseback riding (poop)
• Flight lessons (crashes, no-fly zones, jet escorts)
• Art collecting (not a snob)
• Skydiving (parachute fails)
• Bowling (gross shoes)
• Backpacking/camping (dumb, hard, dirty)
• Rock band (gear)
• Pot throwing (messy)
• Pot growing (DEA, general garden upkeep)
• Procreation (literally everything about it)
• DIY (easier to buy)

Expensive Hobbies I Can’t Afford But Wish I Could, Okay, Yes

• Lazing (all day, nowhere to be, nothing to do)
• Sunbathing (private beach, island nation)
• Shopping (with abandon)
• Swimming (in far off bodies of water or own pool)
• Therapy (twice a week)
• Pilates (the one with the machines that basically work you out while you just sit there)
• Space travel (pack me a Xanax or twelve and I’m there)


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sony_b (#225)

Agree with all of the above, except the pilates. I pay through the nose for it. That machine definitely does not do the work. Some days, I really really wish it did. Maybe I could pay even more for that?

DillyBean (#483)

@sony_b I think the same thing about my pilates machine classes and then I take a mat class and I decide that all the money is worth it.

sony_b (#225)

@DillyBean Ha. I do think that anybody who takes a mat class would benefit from spending a few sessions with a trainer on the reformer – the mat class makes so much more sense now that I know what I know what the movements feel like on the machine. But I love the machine, and my trainer. Worth $70 a week to me.

@sony_b Oh, yes, I love the reformer. I’m exceedingly lazy, but suddenly I discovered I could be this buff person (OK, not really, but it’s my fantasy) thanks to the the machine. No it doesn’t do the work. But it’s kind of fun.

PS, anyone in NYC? Is that Pilates Pro Works place any good, because it’s cheaper than where I go now?

Spaaaaceee traaaavelllll. I am doing it for my 50th birthday. Gives me 25 years to save up and besides, it should be cheaper by then if Virgin Galactic gets off the ground (hee hee, a pun) (no really, Virgin Galactic is a thing).

Whether or expensive or not, anything involving the ocean (snorkeling, scuba diving, Good Lord SURFING) is obviously off the table. The sea is horrifying and full of monsters.

Smallison (#155)

@Graydon Gordian I’ve been saying this for years! They’re like aliens, but worse, because they exist on our planet. Eek!

smack (#307)

Golf is the best. It really is. Expensive, yes, but it is so fun. RECLAIM GOLF FROM JERKS!

cherrispryte (#19)

Sailing is not so expensive if you happen to be blessed with financially secure grandparents who live on the water and have an old sailboat chilling out in their backyard/garage. And if that sailboat is a Sunfish, it is not at all complicated, either! Hard work and lots of scrubbing, yes, initially. But then once you get it all cleaned up and properly rigged and manage to launch it, then you are a leaf on the wind, look at you soar, and nothing else matters.

deepomega (#22)

@cherrispryte I mean I think most of these wouldn’t count as expensive if your grandparents owned the boat/plane/parachutes/bowling alley/mountain.

liznieve (#37)

Community boating centers are usually pretty inexpensive, and relatively abundant on the East Coast! Also, sailing is amazingly fun. WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN TRAVEL *INTO* THE WIND?!!??! Physics!

Signed, a former collegiate sailor.

sox (#246)

I beg you to reconsider that art collection = snobbery!
I can see where you’re going with it, but truly you can collect art on any budget! And you should! Local young artists make some really fresh awesome stuff to adorn your home with and it’s not always crazy expensive. Sometimes you can even trade goods and services!
*climbs down off soapbox*

BuenViajes (#471)

I just researched Kite Boarding lessons and found the special deal was $399 for 2 hour ground lesson and 3 hours in the water! I want to learn but this seems a little steep…

Megano! (#124)

I am with you on like…all of that.

Brunhilde (#78)

• Backpacking/camping (dumb, hard, dirty)

I’ll give you dirty, but for me camping involves swimming, sunbathing, lazing, reading, and day drinking, so I disagree with the dumb and hard assessment.

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