Beautiful People Can Travel for Free, a new site that launched in early April, aims to pair the beautiful people of the world with the deep-pocketed for travel on the rich partner’s dime.

Visitors to the site are greeted by a comely brunette sitting knock-kneed atop a pink suitcase in front of a map of the world. A brief animated video breaks down the site’s essential goal, to pair the rich and the beautiful as travel partners. The cartoon cutie (also a brunette, just for the record) plys the potential attractive partner with images of five-star resorts and restaurants in exotic locales to be paid for by “doctors, lawyers, bankers, athletes, executives, entrepreneurs, and millionaires” looking to travel.

“Who needs money, beautiful people travel for free!” That’s the insane tagline for this insane website that is supposed to set up wealthy people with beautiful traveling companions … meaning wealthy men with beautiful women from the looks of things. I am neither wealthy, nor beautiful, nor a woman, so it looks like I’m all out of luck. But seriously, this is a joke, right? [via]


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in my experience – not a joke. in my online dating forays i have been contacted by many guys who would like to take me to the caribbean for a week.

the part i don’t understand is who would actually take a stranger up on this offer. spending a week with some stranger on their dime? yeah I’m sure there’s no loaded expectations there. jaysus.

acid burn (#113)

Does “early April” mean like… the first of April?

allaswan (#578)

Mike! You are beautiful…

Cat Ballou (#231)

Beautiful People Can Travel for “Free”

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