Banker Happy to No Longer Be a Banker

Banking is fucking brutal. I knew this after my internship, but I didn’t care. I wanted money. I wanted respect. I wanted to be a somebody in the eyes of myself and others. But most of all, I wanted money. Why? Because money is freedom. Money means I can wear what I want, live where I want, go where I want, eat what I want, be who I want. Money would make me happy. Right? Well… not exactly I’m afraid. In fact, money didn’t seem to make any of the bankers happy. Not one person in the roughly 200 I got to know in banking were happy. Yet all earned multiples of the national average salary.

—Stephen Ridley was a young i-banker in London, and he was miserable. He quit one day and became a musician, which I’m sure you can learn all about in the movie that will come out in two-to-four years, but for now, you should read this essay he wrote on the website Wall Street Oasis (lol) about why he quit. Turns out banking wasn’t that fun.


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Link is bad…

@Jake Reinhardt oh wait, it’s fixed! congratulations.

These sort of stories are always kind of baffling to me, because they always follow the same basic outline. Person gets high-paying job they hate, makes huge sacks of cash, but ultimately decides high-paying job is soulless and destroying them. Person then quits high-paying job and presumably uses leftover fat sacks of cash to start new career doing thing they love.

And then their advice at the end is inevitably to completely skip the part where they make huge sacks of cash and just do what you love, despite the fact that it usually REALLY QUITE STRONGLY SOUNDS like the one was only made possible by the residual benefit of the other. This particular one only avoids it through the totally improbable one-in-a-million deus ex machina thing with the piano.

@Mr. Business Man Agreed! He’s all like, “Well, I used the $15,000 I had saved up to break into music! Wheee”

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My son worked at a Bank and he quit his job after two years, it was too exhausting and he decided to try something else. He found his childhood friend on my life website and they decided to make a business together, now he is happy because he loves what he is doing.

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