Fun Fact: Renters Insurance Doubles As Stolen Laptop Insurance

Did you know that if your apartment burns down/gets ransacked/blows up, your landlord’s insurance only covers his building, and not any of your stuff?! So that’s why you need renters insurance. That and, in case someone dies at your house. Renters insurance covers that, too!

It happened to me:  A few years ago, someone shattered my car window and stole my laptop out from under the pile of jackets that was hiding it so well. When I called my car insurance company to make a claim, I learned the very important fact that car insurance only covers your car, not anything in your car (duh?). However: homeowners or renters insurance would have covered anything in my car, even if the car wasn’t in front of my house, which it wasn’t. I didn’t have homeowners or renters insurance at the time, because no one had told me I needed it (doh). But I got it, and I have it, and of course no one has bothered to steal anything of mine since, thanks.

How to buy: I have a car, so I just added it onto my car insurance policy for something silly like $8 a month, but if you don’t have a car you can totally just call up a company and say: “Yo. This is my address. How much is renters insurance?” It’ll be between $10 and $30 a month, depending on your apartment and your city and how much nice stuff you have and other factors. They’ll ask you some questions. You may or may not know the answers to them. In my experience, you can figure this stuff out on the fly, and it’s all relatively painless, and in a short amount of time, you have insurance.

These are some companies that offer renters insurance: I found them via Google — maybe you can find a few more, if you’re inclined. And don’t leave your laptop in your car. Amateur move.



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cherrispryte (#19)

After an apartment down the street from me burned down because someone was making meth and a fire started, I finally got myself renter’s insurance, and my semi-paranoid self feels so much better because of it. I did it through Liberty Mutual, it’s like $13/month, and it was entirely online. No phone calls, no interacting with people, no super-complicated questions about how old your building is or what sort of fireproofing they use, nothing. It was great. And now I am no longer scared of meth lab fires!
Go team renter’s insurance!

florabora (#123)

When I moved to an apartment from a dorm sophomore year of college, my mother said “Hmm, should you get renter’s insurance?”
“Umm, what now?”
Thankfully I am a dependent and covered under her homeowner’s insurance for a crazy amount of money (until this summer, I suppose). Several thousands of dollars more than the stuff I own. And THEN it totally came in handy a few months later.

*trix@twitter (#403)

My renters insurance is through State Farm– it’s $10 a month or you can pay for it in a lump sum once a year. I’m pretty broke but it’s so cheap that the peace of mind is well worth it.

I started getting renter’s insurance last year. I haven’t had to use it yet, but I’m glad it’s there! I got it through my car insurance company and it’s only $25 for me and my husband and our giant piles of DVDs and electronics. It also covers you if someone gets hurt in your house, like if your dog bites them.

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