Farewell, Summer Fridays! And Farewell, Summer! A Chat

Happy Last Summer Friday of the Season / Beginning of Labor Day Weekend!

How Not to Lose All Your Money on a Work Trip in Las Vegas

Each day when the tradeshow ended, we had no choice but to pass through the slots and the lights and the booze as we headed back to our hotel room.

It Is Not Enough to Be a Team Player; You Have to Be an Exceptional Team Player, All the Time

This works best if you are able to work as hard as an exceptional team member needs to work, all the time. Sometimes you don’t want to deal with nightlife; you just want to stay home and (you guessed it) watch Netflix.

When Even Small Debts Pose Big Problems

The borrowers who are in the most trouble are the ones who took out the least.

Looking For Work When You Already Have Work

There’s a tricky art to looking for another job while deep in the trenches of your current one.

Friday Estimate

The last days of summer! Let’s do some estimations.

How To Buy Your Lover Flowers

If you are committed to going through with this purchase, do it right.

The Killer Inside My Apartment

I have never liked killing bugs, especially ones that pose no direct threat to me.

Retiring Without Money

One of our readers sent us an article with cautionary tales of seniors struggling to get by because they don’t have enough for retirement.

How Much Furniture Does One Apartment Need?

I’ll need a lot of stuff to turn this place into a home, and I’ll need to not be afraid about buying it.