Graduation Season Is Upon Us, Help

Newly minted scholars don’t need encouraging speeches from luminaries; we do, we folks sitting at home who wonder whether we’ve made the right turns. Someone inspire us! Someone give us some sage advice!

On Buying Food at the 99 Cents Store

I recently started shopping for food at the 99 Cents Store in my neighborhood. It’s not as depressing as it sounds. I mean sure, the place certainly looks depressing from the outside. It’s got this garish blue and yellow paint, there are always people loitering around outside muttering to themselves, and there’s a security guard posted up at the entrance to make sure people don’t steal any more shopping carts.

Updates on ‘The Briefcase,’ Warby Parker, and More

CBS’s The Briefcase premiered, and the first two families both decided to give all the money to the other family. That is to say, each family independently decided to give $100,000 to another family without knowing that family was about to make the same gift to them.

How a Chocolatier in London Does Money

“I lived in: a former halfway house (bullets in the kitchen cupboards), an enormous warehouse in central London with 18 others (amazing fun), the lodge in a cemetery (crazy housemate) and the basement flat below some VERY noisy boys with a lovely actress.”

The Wife Bonus Is REAL And It Is Spectacular

The role he’s rewarding me for is my work as a stay-at-home wife and mother. And the luxury labels are purchased with the “wife bonus” — 20 percent of his own company bonus — that I’m proud to receive for putting his career before my own, and keeping our lives together.

Friday Estimate

Happy Friday! Let’s do some estimations.

Los Angeles Unions Now Fighting Against $15 Minimum Wage

Here’s some sad, surprising news from Los Angeles: after helping support the fight for a $15/hr minimum wage, LA unions are now requesting that the $15 minimum wage not apply to certain types of employees.

A Case for the $8 Egg Carton

Although we understand average costs of living, we rarely see the high-price of heirloom work reflected on our price tags. Suddenly $8 for a dozen eggs, which I’d washed by hand, almost seems too low.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Leather Shoelaces & How They Relate To Lunch

“Leather in all its forms—the aspirational $10,000 Hermès bag, the $6,000 upgrade package in a Mercedes, the $120 New Balance sneaker—is the wrapper around what will become someone else’s Big Mac.”

Do 1 Thing Like This Guy, Leave A $2K Tip At Your Favorite Restaurant

I wish my one thing were to totally make someone’s day, like this guy in DC did when he tipped $2,000 on a $93 tab — to be split among the chef, the owner, and the bartender at his favorite gumbo joint.

I Am Not Saving Money By Growing Vegetables

I went back to the hardware store to get two tomato cages. My goal here is to support their stalks so they can grow tall and give me a million tomatoes. I know that’s not a realistic number, but I love tomatoes and want to make them a priority.

Two Slices of Pizza

I was literally across the street before I realized she had asked me for pizza and not money. I’ve given people money before, but I rarely carry cash, which seems to make all of these transactions simpler in a sad way—if someone asks me for something I do not have, I do not have to think about my answer.

‘The Overnighters’ Provides a Devastating Glimpse into the Broken American Dream

Would You Function Better Without Your Boss?

“In the place of bosses and managers, Zappos will create hundreds of committee-like ‘circles’ filled by employees.”

Full-Time Worker, Part-Time Grad Student and Committed to Cooking to Save

In 2013 I made the decision to go back to school and get my master’s degree. But since I didn’t want to take two years off (fear of lost income and long-term damage to my salary history beyond that of just “being a woman”), I decided to go part-time and continue my full-time job. I thought, “I’m good at multitasking. How hard could this be?”